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Bec and Jeziel decided to share some good news stories that will make you smile. This week they talked about protective new laws for employees and pet beds for stray animals.good news stories

In Portugal a new law has made it illegal for your boss to phone, email or text you after work hours. The new protections for digital workers also requiring companies to pay for work-from-home expenses such as internet and electricity. “No way, that is brilliant!

A Brazilian man turned old tires into cozy beds for 6000 stray dogs and cats. Amarildo Silva Filho was inspired after coming across of a pile of used tired in his neighbourhood. Where others saw trash, Silva saw treasure that the world of different for stray animals. After collecting the tires and giving them a thorough cleaning, Silva put his artistic vision to work fashioning personalized pet beds. Once the custom paint jobs were complete, with the addition of hand-sewn mattresses, the colourful comfy cots were ready to be distributed to local shelters. Silva Filho’s recycled masterpieces proved so popular, a niche market of eco-conscious pet owners sprang up as well.

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