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“There’s always good in the bad and I’m here to remind you of that!” says Jeziel.

Today Jeziel found TWO 😱😍 good news stories that he wanted to share with you. The first is short and sweet: Today Elon Musk bought over 1,200 ventilators from China and donated them to officials in Los Angeles to distribute them.

The second was Jeziel’s favourite of the day. 78 elephants in Thailand have been permanently set free! Due to the effects of COVID19, tourist parks in Thailand have closed. So no longer do these animals have to drag heavy loads or carry tourists – they’ve been released into the wild! The camp director released them into the wild after he feared that others would try and misuse or mistreat the animals now they aren’t working. He said, “this was the first time in 44 years that the elephants had not worn the seats at the start of the day.”

Which was your favourite Good in the Bad story today? Send Jeziel a text or join the conversation on Facebook!

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