The great Morro golf stitch-up

Friday, November 27, 2015 10:34 am
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AKA, the Brekky Golf Classic.

While Morro was doing mission work in Cambodia last week, Kirste was on a mission to stitch him up when he got back — with the help of the 98five family, of course.

Under the guise of rewarding the very competitive and sporty Morro with a fun Friday Brekky show at Collier Park Golf Course, Kirste tracked down two golf-enthusiasts from the listening family, David and 14-year-old Jennifer.

Listeners David and Jennifer Kirste and Morro

Earlier in the week the listening family decided who would join team Morro and team Kirste before today’s 6am tee off.

The vote was in. It would be boys v girls.

But it didn’t take long for Morro to discover he should have fought harder to be partnered with Jennifer who had been playing for the past nine years and has a handicap of five.

“I try to play every weekend and practice every day,” Jennifer said.

Morro was quick to point out: “That number never came up when I spoke to you on the phone the other day.”


You can hear the entire show, including plenty of Kirste’s laughter, under Listen again.

Tune in from 6am on Monday for the results…and for Morro’s knee recovery update.

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