“God’s Love so Radically Changed My Priorities”

Thursday, December 20, 2018 11:09 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

Daniel Pignatiello is a young man that has come to the faith and can’t sit still. He’s always doing something with his faith and sharing the message of hope with those around him.

Today Nick chatted to Daniel about his inspiring life as he focuses on the theme of everyday people with everyday stories and despite how ‘everyday’ we are, we are all called to share the message of hope.

Daniel didn’t grow up in a Christian family but acknowledges he always had a yearning to know more and ask more questions. As he went through uni, one of his tutors stood out to him. There was something about her that I hadn’t encountered in anyone else before. She was unique and intriguing and he didn’t quite know why. Later he found out – it was her faith. She invited Daniel to meet her friends and after a night of hospitality and fellowship, they invited him to a church service. His life completely changed after that night.

Have a listen to Daniel’s story and how encountering God’s love so radically changed his priorities.

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