Funny hotel requests that are sure to get you laughing

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 7:48 am
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Corey Sutton | Brekky Producer

We’ve all booked a hotel once or twice, and toyed with putting an obscure request in the ‘request box’, but we usually get cold feet and chicken out. These people, however, have no fear.

Check out these photos of random desires that these guests requested and the hotel staff have so lovingly (and hilariously) obliged.

Not all heroes wear capes.


1. I love bacon too



2. Because why not?



3. I want to know how close his drawing was!



4. A cubby house 



5. Pillow fort is always a winner



6. This guy has always requested a picture of a horse saying “hello” in the requests box. Finally it paid off for him. 



7. This fella requested the usual wine and rose petals, and a plastic dinosaur for good measure



8. This guest asked for a camel. The staff were way ahead of him



9. Nick Cage is love. Nick Cage is life



10. I’m sensing a toy dinosaur theme here


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