Fundraising: Not Just a Chance to Donate but to Connect

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 9:42 am
Reading Time: 2 minutes

fundraising: donate and connectOver the last few weeks Allan Tranter from Creating Communities has been thinking about things that bring us together, he talked about how connectedness came from the strawberry saga and the Eagles Grand Final. Today Allan reflected on the awesome success Telethon had last week.

The generosity of West Aussies when it comes to Telethon is outstanding, but more than that, people get out there and run events to raise money (and connect people). So the donating is one thing but of significant importance, is the fact that it connects people together around a purpose they believe in, the health of WA children and they collaborate to get things done.
This is of course not the only fund raising venture in WA, there are so many, for good causes and good ways of bringing people together, to connect people.

“But as always, it makes me think! Sorry, I know I must be a pain for people to see glimpses into my tiny brain! These are once-off events! Winning a grand-final, the strawberries saga, fund-raising.. sure, some people belong to the Eagles club, some of the fund-raising events go on for a while… but for many people who connect through them, they are short-term, once-off. We need more than milestone events in our society to be really connected. Connected in a way that means we support each other because we know each other. The Telethon cause is one we can all relate to and I’m so pleased we support it so generously…But I also hope that as a community we haven’t forgotten that there are people in need all over the world and we need to be generous with giving to them to…Just thinking…”



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