Fill, move, pay and go? Or fill, pay, move and go?

Thursday, September 19, 2019 11:47 am
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Kirste, Corey and Morro debate fuel station etiquette.



A South Australian man has fueled a monster debate across Aussie media after writing a letter to “those inconsiderate people” who fill up their car but then don’t move it out of the bowser bay before paying the bill.

Glenelg local Liam Hanna pumps his fuel, jumps back in the car, drives into an park nearest the door and then pays. Hanna is not happy that this is not the typical etiquette.

“Every other person appears to fill up and then leave their car blocking the others lined up behind them,” he said. “They then wander across, buy a coffee, etc., and aimlessly return with a smirk on their faces and, without indicating, drive off.”

Corey and Kirste agree, it’s “just common courtesy” they say. (Plus, Kirste says that she gets death stares if she doesn’t.)

“What if there’s no room to park right outside the door and you have to go around the side!” Morro says it just creates unneccesary stress for the poor service clerk. “He’ll think you’re doing a runner!”

Kirste is convinced that it’s not illegal, she’s been doing it for years without being told off. Minutes after she said that, Deon texted in telling us he had first hand experience of the service clerk going off at him for moving!

So let’s sort this out Family, do we fill, move, pay and go? Or fill, pay, move and go?

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