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By Simone Cathryn

2 weeks into Fringe World and the atmosphere in Perth positively buzzing. I met my cousin, visiting from country WA, in the City. So easy to do because even on a Thursday night the city felt vibrant, like a beautiful collective of fireflies drawing you into the various events happening all around the city. For those who say there is nothing to do in Perth – take a second look!

Last week I ventured out of the comfort of my usual streaming services TV watching & checked out a few of the shows at Fringe World. It was so worth it! They were all really enjoyable nights out.

I’ll admit going into the Comedy show Jason Pestell: Kmart is Life I thought I was a big fan of Kmart, someone who really knew that place & the product well. Walking out, after having laughed a LOT over the previous 1 hour, I realised I am a novice in the world of Kmart love. For those who have ever shopped at the store, those who have friends who won’t shut up about the place & really anyone who enjoys some comedy without all the swearing (there is still some content not appropriate for little kids) this show is a must see. Jason, originally from the Northern Suburbs of Perth & now in Adelaide manages to link years of crazy life experiences back to Kmart & his love for the store that is the same EVERYWHERE in Australia. Tickets are selling out so get in quick to see him this weekend!

The show was at The Laugh Resort Comedy Club in the Shoe Café, Yagan Square, it is a little difficult to find but the café staff will direct you & once at The Laugh Resort Comedy Club the staff are bright, friendly & very helpful. This Comedy Club (that relocated to this venue last year) have shows all year round so stand-up comedy fans it is well worth a look.

Although it only ran for 2 nights Eggs was hilarious, a fantastic start for local John Curtin College of the Arts graduate Abigail Rose. Simple in its staging & costumes but fast paced, witty & an intelligent look at the history of Theatre. Right back to its origin’s guided by the creator’s/gods of theatre & full of hilarious puns. Look out for this writer/director’s future shows.

This weekend and next week I’m really looking forward to seeing some more great shows.

Here are the performances I’m most looking forward to…

  • Deceptive Delights with Stuart Lightbody – South African Magic Champion who has won awards locally & internationally with his sleight of hand magic.
  • 1950’s Hoop Troupe – because what could be better than some big curls, red lipstick, gorgeous full skirts & Hula Hoops! Look out for these buskers bringing fabulous 1950s Hula Hoop dance back to the streets of Perth.
  • A Booklover’s Comedy Show – Comedians & storytellers talking all things book related…. Seems like the perfect show for the book lovers who want to venture out into Fringe World.
  • A National Park – A play that delves into culture, spirituality & love. From a new WA theatre & film company bringing important material to Perth.

Hope you get to go out and enjoy the great atmosphere in Perth & some more shows during this next week of Fringe World & let us know what have been your highlights so far this year!

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