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Friday, September 16, 2016 11:16 am
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Grace Utting | 98five blogger

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Our four year wedding anniversary is coming up in about two months and I’ve already learnt a lot over the years about working together on your marriage, but I also learnt some thing during the years we were friends first.

I’m so glad I married my best friend. When people ask how long we’ve been together I think it’s important to acknowledge the time we were friends, as friendship is a crucial foundation to a good marriage.

It takes time to get to know someone. I only saw the true colours of my hubby after four years into our friendship.

While getting to know each other as friends, you can see what someone is really like outside the romantic relationship — are they kind, generous, caring towards others (not just you)?


When you get married, your spouse may tell you that something you do annoys them.

It might not be meant as an insult or criticism, they may be just wanting to communicate how they think/feel about it.

I’ve found encouragement, affirmation and edification is a better way to spur your spouse on to all they can be instead of criticism and nagging.

So, take time out, once a week, to spend time talking and hanging out together. In short, date each other while you’re married.

You don’t need to go some place fancy, you could just go for a walk or have a cuppa at home.

It’s about being purposeful in investing time in your marriage.

Effectively communicating during disagreements and being willing to compromise is helpful when you and your spouse don’t agree on things, as opposed to wanting everything your way.

A very important aspect of our marriage is we put Jesus as the head of our house and the centre of our relationship. When we have an argument, we go away and pray about it.

So I pray and hope what I’ve learnt may help you in your marriage as well.

Tomorrow night is the Great Aussie Date Night, wrapping up Marriage Week 2016. Make a date with your husband/wife to keep investing in your marriage. 98five hopes this week’s on-air interviews and online posts encourage you and your family.

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