Can you freeze fast food?

Thursday, August 8, 2019 2:36 pm
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Another week means another “mum hack” Facebook post going viral! This week a post shared into the Facebook group Budgeting for Families has caused a controversial debate:

Can you freeze fast food?

This mum shared her ‘budget hack’ for easy, cheap snacks. She stocks up during the Maccas $1 cheeseburger promotions, individually wraps them in cling-wrap and stores them in the freezer!

Can you freeze fast food?

“$1 hamburgers freeze well. GD (good) 4 easy cheap lunch/dinner, getting my red meat intake.” Via: Facebook.

Of course, there were controversial comments being slung back and forward about healthy snacks and how we’re being ripped off for fresh fruit etc, etc. But the real question is, would that really taste good?

We can’t imagine that it would, but we’ve also never tried it. Have you ever tried to freeze and re-heat Maccas? What’s it like?

Mel and Jeziel agree there are some fast foods that would probably free well, like potentially pizza… What do you think, which fast food can and can’t you freeze?

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