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Have you ever heard of a Little Free Library?

Little Free Libraries started as a modest, friendly neighbourhood project back in 2009 when Todd Bol built a mini wooden house, filled it with books and perched it outside of his home in Oklahoma. Todd wanted everyone in his neighbourhood to have access to a good book, no matter their income or circumstance. Fast forward 11 years later and now there are 75,000 worldwide!

Amidst the pandemic caused isolation and panic buying, people in American have been converting them into Little Free Pantries. There are still books in some, but in most people from the neighbourhood have been stocking them with pantry essentials. (Including toilet paper!)

Jeziel loves this initiative so much, he wants us in our own Aussie neighbourhoods to follow suit. We’ve only seen the Free Little Libraries be converted to Little Free Pantries in the States so far, but we can change that. There are plenty of Perth locations to visit.

Free Little Library Perth Locations

You can find your closest library/pantry using this map. Or if there are none near you, follow this guide to build one and install it on your street!

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