Free Introductory Swim Lessons for Under 5s

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 9:52 am
Reading Time: 1 minute

Learn2Swim Week Ambassador Laurie Lawrence is calling on all parents and grandparents to get behind the swim safety initiative to start giving children the lifesaving skills they need, after 42% of parents said they had experienced a water emergency with a loved one.

Research commissioned by Poolwerx reveals that a staggering 47% of Australian parents rate their children’s water safety skills as poor or average. A staggering one in three (33%) believe their child would be unable to get themselves out of a pool if they fell in[1].

Learning to swim is one of the top drowning preventative measures parents can take. While it is critical for parents to supervise their children around water at all times, it is just as important for under-fives to learn to swim.

Over 60% of parents who participated in the free introductory lessons in 2017, went on to sign their child up for ongoing swimming lessons[2].

Now in its fourth year, Learn2Swim Week will run from 2 October to 9 October 2018, with 400 swim schools around the country offering free swimming lessons to children under 5 this week. Parents and other care givers can access find free lessons offered in their local area here.

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