Free CPR Training

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 2:34 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

“A child is four times more likely to survive a drowning if their parents know CPR and start immediately! Recent research conducted by Poolwerx reveals that 75% of people surveyed felt they did not have the necessary CPR skills to save a life in an emergency, 37% said they didn’t know where to get training and 34% said their partner knew CPR so they didn’t have to!”

Laurie Lawrence, national Aus Rugby player in 1964, rang into the Mornings Show this morning to chat about a cause close to his heart. Now an Australian swim coach is faced with the dangers of a swimming pool every day.

He shared a heart wrenching story of one of the other April Pools Day ambassadors had to rescue her 18 month old son who was floating face down in the pool. Fortunately she was trained in CPR. After performing what she had learnt, an ambulance ride and two days in hospital he was back to his bouncing self.

In light of these shocking statistics, Red Cross Australia and Poolwerx have partnered together to offer FREE CPR introductory training. There are limited spaces so jump over to the Poolwerx Pool Safety website to register. Could you save your child’s life?

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