Free Coffee Friday: Yanchep Rise Primary School

Friday, October 22, 2021 2:17 pm
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We had a whole lot of fun interviewing some of the staff and students at Yanchep Rise Primary School.Yanchep Rise Primary School

Samantha Clark told us about PBS, which stands for Positive Behaviour Support. PBS is used in schools all around the globe, to teach kids the skills they need to develop positive behaviour. It is based on the school’s value system which are respect, integrity, safety, excellence and resilience.

Lauren Robin, Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader, told us about their traffic light system that helps students to understand their emotions. When children are in the green zone they fell happy and are ready to learn. Negative emotions  like sadness or lethargy can also be acknowledged with the blue zone. The yellow and red zone are accelerated emotions like frustration or agitation. This allows students to communicate their emotions with others understand how to manage it. “Why am I feeling sad? How do I handle that without interfering with other people?”

Yanchep Rise Primary SchoolFifi the school chaplain, hosts programs to spend time with students and be supportive. Principal Helen told us about the star of Yanchep Rise, Coco the dog. Coco is a critical part of the student service team. She spends one on one time with students who are in the yellow zone and need to reset. Coco was recently awarded  a bronze medal from the RSCPA for her contribution to the school community. “She was nominated by students. So they do value her as a part of the school.” But other than spending time with Coco, Helen has enjoyed working the community to develop Yanchep Rise’s culture and values. “We can make our culture like a family. We want our students to see this as a home away from home.”

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