Free Coffee Friday at Spearwood Primary

Friday, September 8, 2017 11:52 am
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Although another Kirste-less Free Coffee Friday (get better soon!), Brekky’s broadcast from Spearwood Primary School was community-filled!

Producer Corey stepped in with Morro to take the show on the road to Perth’s south-west for the Station’s fortnightly Free Coffee Friday broadcast.

This finally gave Morro the chance to have the father-son chat he’s always wanted to have with Corey: what happened to your girlfriend? Short answer: they broke up.

But Morro wanted a long-solution, determined to find him a new squeeze while out-and-about.

Aside from Corey’s love life, Spearwood showed Brekky just how focused they are on building community in the local area. Spearwood boasts a large Filipino population and has set up Filipino Club that meets weekly.

“The ladies meet in a newly converted club room. There they chat, sing songs together on the piano, and organise community events”, said Spearwood Principal Marta Rotondella.

One of the great things about Spearwood Primary is they not only see a need, but they act upon it like setting up clubs.

YouthCare chaplain Coral Atkins jumped on the mic after and shared how she got into chaplaincy. It all happened after she heard an ad on 98five!

In addition to the school community, the West Coast Eagles club was also present to bring even more energy to the buzzing early morning atmosphere.

Podcast: Free Coffee Friday with Morro and Corey at Spearwood Primary School

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