Free Coffee Friday at Ellen Stirling Primary School

Thursday, March 1, 2018 9:38 am
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Ellen Stirling Primary School Kicks off 98five’s Free Coffee Fridays

Ellen Stirling Primary School took centre stage last Friday as the first host school of 2018 for 98five’s Free Coffee Friday with Brekky’s Kirste and Morro. As the largest primary school in the area with 800 students, it would be safe to assume teachers would have their hands full but they’re just as passionate as the parents, especially the dads.

A large portion of the fathers at Ellen Stirling are FIFO workers so a little help from the Fathering Project is very welcomed. Mr Pinkard and pre-primary teacher (and part-time body builder) Mat Bisset introduced the school to a partnership with the Fathering Project two years ago. Both teachers run events exclusively for dads and their kids encouraging all parties to build relationships and learn to be positive influences for their families.

Kirste and Morro also caught up with Head Principal Dr Dean Goldspink, who shared the history of who the school was named after. Dr Dean explained the significance of the school’s name and described Ellen Stirling, wife of the first governor of WA James Stirling, was known to ride her horses through the brook in the area hence the name Ellenbrook. Giving that area the name Ellenbrook. Dr Goldspink also recapped the recent school election run by the official Electoral Commission. The election included posters, campaigns, speeches and electronic voting before the head boy, head girl and prefects were sworn in.

The successful morning was interrupted by a fierce foursquare competition with guest players Mel and Leon from The Drive Show and capped off with a chat with YouthCare Chaplain Mandy Diablo. Teachers and parents were treated to free coffee supplied by 98five friend Evan from Cappuccino Xpress.

Listen to to all the interviews and the Friday Song from our first Free Coffee Friday of 2018 below!


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