Free Coffee Friday at Butler Primary School

Friday, March 17, 2017 12:30 pm
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Blue. Green. Yellow. Red. These are the colours that Butler Primary School kids use to express how they’re feeling each day.

And you want to be in the Green zone, which is exactly where Brekky with Kirste and Morro were while broadcasting from the school in Perth’s far northern suburbs for the Station’s fortnightly Free Coffee Friday.

The school’s The Zones of Regulation program allows children to explain how they are feeling on any given day with Green being the best mood and red being the worst including feelings of frustration and aggression.

Once the students know which zone they’re in then they’re given tools to help themselves move into ‘Green’, where they are calm, happy and ready to work.

“It was brought in to help children understand their feelings…we want a positive classroom”, said teacher and program director Ros Gaston, who even uses a puppet named Bruce as one of the tools.

“You can’t learn unless you’re feeling happy, we have lots of posters that we put up around the classroom and the school so the kids can see if they’re in a particular zone.”

The show also caught up with YouthCARE Chaplain Vangi Hunter — a keen dancer — who looks after the school’s 840 students, and Year 2 teacher Liz Marsh who shared the meaning behind the five ‘value pencils’ sculpture at the front of the school.

“(The School) has a lot of values but at the beginning of the year we decided to condense them down to five – respect, responsibility, integrity, appreciation and community, ” Ms Marsh said.


Teachers and parents indulged in free coffee and donuts thanks to 98five friend, ice cream van man, Paul.

If you would like to nominate your school to take part, head to our Free Coffee Friday page.

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