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Photo by Channel Ten

Frank Woodley joined Kirste and Dan to chat about Channel 10’s new shoe ‘Would I Lie to You’ and his tour coming to Perth!

Since the start of the pandemic, the thing he misses the most is his mind. “I’ve been struggling a bit since then. But you know its all good!”

But as a massive fan of the British ‘Would I lie to you’ he was excited to be part of the Aussie version. “I wore 8 pairs of socks because there was just such big shoes to fill.” They filmed the show just before Christmas. “It was just this frenzy of lying and truth and storytelling…Which was immensely enjoyable.”

But he is also excited about his show ‘Moby Dick’ which they performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. “We were disappointed to find only one of the jokes worked. But it was so funny they laughed for 50 minutes.”

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