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This year, Miracles Day turns 10. For a decade, Christian radio and CBM have joined forces to bring light and hope to those living needlessly blind from cataracts in the world’s poorest places. On Miracles Day, Thursday 18 August, join 98five and help give the miracle of sight to those living in poverty.

Mariska Meldrum has been CBM’s campaign manager for the past five years. During this time, she has witnessed people receive the Miracle of cataract surgery in The Philippines, Vietnam and Nepal. “I went to the Philippines in 2017. I saw children completely blind not able to go to school. Over the course of 3 days, I saw them go to one of our hospitals and have the cataracts removed. Then the next day seeing them be able to see is something I will never forget.”

Mariska is passionate about Miracles Day because she was born blind in her right eye due to a cataract. She experienced her own miracle of sight at age 35 and loves seeing others have their sight restored through Miracles Day. “It’s been an incredible 10-year partnership with stations like yours across the country. In 10 years we’ve seen 300 000 lives changed through donations given on Miracles Day. So 300 000 people can now see thanks to the generosity of Australians over the last 10 years.”

All it takes is $33, a 12-minute surgery and YOU to restore sight for someone with cataracts – changing their life forever.


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