Food review: breakfast at DuoTone, East Perth

Thursday, October 27, 2016 4:07 pm
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Inex Palit | 98five blogger

One of the best joys in life is to be able to go to a breakfast place at a very early time in the morning, i.e. 6am, when people are still asleep in their beds and struggling to get up.

Why? Because you can see what’s happening behind the scenes in the kitchen. From the preparation of setting down heaps of green tea croissants to preparing the first batch of very fresh bagels, it felt like we had DuoTone all to ourselves.

duotone-east-perth-1 Inex Palit

I heard a lot of good things about this East Perth cafe but they only open on weekdaye.

DuoTone was very easily located, just right across from The Perth Mint and I was so happy I managed to go there one very early Friday morning.

duotone-east-perth-3 Inex Palit duotone-east-perth-2 Inex Palit duotone-east-perth-5 Inex Palit

I bought the delicious breakfast bagel, filled with the usual breakfast ingredients such as egg and bacon. The bagel was easy to eat and very filling.

I was offered a bite of breakfast buddy’s very fresh green tea croissant and the flaky pastry was just amazing.

duotone-east-perth-6 Inex Palit

That morning we also tried the buttery turmeric latte which tasted very turmeric-y when we got to the bottom part of it. I wasn’t too keen on it although turmeric lovers will rejoice at the taste of the latte.

As the morning went on we saw a flow of customers who ordered some take-away breakfast and coffee.

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