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Whenever you go away, it doesn’t matter how many times you fly, there are a few nerve-inducing questions that surface.



“You’ve been away so often lately Kirste, I’m surprised it’s not just like riding a bus for you these days!” quipped Morro. Well, it is just like riding a bus according to Corey, a big bus.. in the sky.. but with no bus stops, or actually, the airports are like bus stops… so it is like riding a bus.


(These 3 Brekky hosts can get pretty off track.)


Any-who, as the team is getting ready to jet off to Nepal this week a few etiquette queries came up in conversation. Last week, when Kirste came back from Sydney, she noticed that many people who could recline their seats – had chosen not to! But the lights were down, people were snoozing and she wanted to recline just a little. But her chair got stuck and when she was trying to fix it, the chair dramatically flung back. When Kirste turned around to apologise, the women behind her gave her daggers. So, is it actually bad banners to recline your seat?

“No way, argues Morro, I’ll fight for my right to recline!”

Morro has been pondering,

do you always have to eat the food given to you? He imagines the workers packaging these meals in a factory somewhere and feels obligated to eat it all. Meal, yoghurt, biscuits and everything; even if he had eaten before boarding!

“It’s funny you bring that up Moz, said Corey. If my mum doesn’t want to eat it there and then, she puts it in her bag and brings it home.”

Apparently, Corey’s family keeps everything they get given. Food, playing cards, blankets … But Kirste and Morro were quick to shut that down. They say there is no way you’re allowed to take the blanket! According to these two, you can take everything except the blankets. So what can you keep from the flight?

It seems like these plane etiquette conundrums are seriously causing some dismay between The Breakfast Show hosts. Can you help them answer their questions? We need to make sure they’re in tip-top shape on their flight to Nepal!

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