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Jeziel Andersen | Drive announcer

It’s a celebration that gives us a three-day weekend — YEA-YAH! THREE DAY WEEKEND! — but how well do we actually know the one we’re celebrating: the Queen?

I, for one, know very little so I set myself a task to find the most interesting facts about her Majesty.

Here are my top five fun facts about the Queen.

1. She has two birthdays to ensure at least one of them is amazing
Her real birthday was on April 21, but it is a tradition going back 250 years to hold official celebrations on a different day.

2. She has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign
Her first one, Susan, was an 18th birthday present.

3. To her husband, she’s just a sausage
Prince Philip’s pet names for The Queen are said to include ‘sausage’ and ‘cabbage’.

4. She speaks ‘handbag’
Rumour has it, if she wants to leave a dinner in five minutes, she puts her bag on the table to tell her staff she’s ready to leave. She moves it from arm to arm to tell aides she is tired of talking to someone.

5. She has her own train
The Queen usually travels round the UK by helicopter or RAF aircraft but sometimes she uses a train presented to her in 1977 to mark her Silver Jubilee. It has eight saloons pulled by a Royal Class 67 diesel locomotive – either 67005 Queen’s Messenger or 67006 Royal Sovereign. The carriages are maroon with red and black coach lining and a grey roof. Her saloon has a bedroom, bathroom and sitting room, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Saloon has a similar layout plus a kitchen.There are also dining and support cars.

And if those didn’t blow your mind, here’s a clip of when she was young.



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