Finish this sentence: There’s nothing more smug than …

12 December 2022

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Shannon joins The Brekky Show every Thursday morning at 8 am as our resident Mum Life correspondent! She’s here to share the good, the bad and the ugly as she parents her 3 sons with her hubby Dave.

Last week, Shannon organised to take her sons, and 5 other teenagers, to Rottnest to celebrate the end of the school year. The kids aren’t old enough to get to Rottnest by themselves, but are old enough that once they got there she just had to check they had their phones and money then could say “see ya, meet me back here at 5 pm”.  So Shannon found herself alone on the island, with a whole day to herself; which for any mum is a total dream!

So, Shannon hired herself a bike and set off to find a nice spot to tan. While making her way through the Rottnest Salt Lakes, she found herself at the bottom of quite a steep hill. “I started riding, and I was huffing and puffing. Then I almost lost my hat, so I had to wear it backwards. So I was a bit of a sight.”

As she was pushing her pedals, she started to hear a whirring noise. Then all of a sudden a gorgeous couple with huge grins on their face flew past on their eBikes and gave Shannon a wave and an effortless “mooornningg” greeting as they rode past with ease.

“They were so smug”. “I wanted to yell this is Rotto! Don’t bring your $10,000 eBike around here!

At this time of year, Shannon says there is nothing more smug than people riding their eBikes (and eScooters).

There's nothing more smug than ... ebike riders.

But Shannon knows she’s not the only one who has to deal with smugness. So in a cathartic effort, finish this sentence: There’s nothing more smug than …

Some of the 98five Family joined us on air, and this is what they had to say.

Karen from South Lake said, “There’s nothing more smug than a parent who walks past you with a sleeping child and your child is having a tantrum.”

Nicola from Hammond Park said, “There’s nothing more smug than someone who has already finished their Christmas shopping.”

Anonymous said, “There’s nothing more smug than someone who finishes their Wordle in two moves.”

Bethany from Viveash said, “There’s nothing more smug than your year 6 daughter who is going to the water park with her class, leaving her year 3 sister at home.”

Finish the sentence and message us or DM on socials. Have a listen to the whole Mum Life conversation below.