Final Day: Vote for Hope June Appeal 2016

Thursday, June 30, 2016 7:09 pm
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Wow, 98five family! You humble us every year.

The final day of 98five’s Vote for Hope June Appeal Week finished on a huge $390,755, the second highest June Appeal amount raised by Perth’s Number One family station.

We would still love to light up HOPE on our #voteforHOPE tally. Online donations are open until midnight tonight if you want it included in your 2015/2016 tax deduction.

Appeal tally

Day Five all started with Trackie+Tie Thursday — Senator Morro style — where the 98five staffers dressed to impress…to party…and to drive the tally home with the incredible giving from the 98five listening family over the past week.


Some of the 98five men asked to pose candidly...obviously

Lots of the June Appeal Week action has featured on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

98five is a listener-supported station with more than half of operational costs covered by generous supporters. This year 98five needs $405,000 to continue to broadcast our positive message of hope throughout WA.

On Brekky, general manager Bevan Jones shared listener Trish’s story because she said she would be too emotional to tell it herself: “How many more of me out there…who need that hope?”

Tally man Levi started his first day of school holidays by being put to work, and also did a great job of pepping up the announcers.

Levi Jones June Appeal tally man

Most of the day was a mix of business and party antics.

And a little apologising from the Lunch Wrap media team…

Again, we pushed Kirste to her limits with five hours straight on-air but this time we documented each hour for research purposes. Evidence is inconclusive but we’ve found, hosts handle it well.


Morro got busy answering calls and writing back to listener feedback. Mostly starting with ‘G’day, who’s this?’.

Morro answering calls Morro answering feedback

Listener James dropped off some donuty goodness to keep the team’s spirits high and, once again, confirmed 98five has the BEST listening family in the world!

Donuts dropped off from listener James during June Appeal 2016

There was a half-time ‘Calves-off competition’ between Brekky producer Corey, Drive host Jeziel, Operations’ DK and Mornings host Mike as to who had the best calves. No verdict was reached, however, you can guess whose are whose (answers at the end of this post).

Calves off competition

And, of course, after a week of #DropITandDance, so many different dance moves were exhibited but here’s the ‘best of’:


You can donate to 98five Sonshine FM at any time of the year, continuing to help us grow our reach in Perth and WA with a positive of message of hope, or even consider becoming a 98five family partner. Just head to our Donate Now page for all of the info.

You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (add Sonshinefm or find us via our QR Snaptag).

JD Snaptag profile

Calves-off competition answers: A1, B3, C4, D2

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