Final Day: Imagine Radiothon 2016

Friday, November 25, 2016 6:43 pm

The final day for Radiothon 2016 saw Kirste and Morro channeling their inner Gilmore Girls, the downfall of our Drive host (well, yesterday’s smoothie challenge probably didn’t help), and a visit from the Premier.

It all began with everyone in WA waking up with more excitement than Christmas morning because after 10 years of TV silence from the Gilmore Girls a revival was set to hit the screens late afternoon, but, more importantly, the 98five Brekky duo were happy to kick off day five with a $70,000-plus tally thanks to our incredible listening family.

How can you say no to these two? 


The generosity of listeners flowed through the day, with kids like young Seth giving their pocket money because he “wants Sonshine to stay”.

Video: Kirste and Morro share Seth’s donation message

98five is a positive, family-friendly community not-for-profit Station that needs your help to raise $135,000 as we rely on pledges, donations, subscriptions, and sponsorship to meet ongoing broadcasting costs. This year we are asking Perth and Western Australia to imagine a better Perth: what our great city and state would look like with more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.





Regular Big Brekky guest from Think! Performance Psychology, Jodii MaGuire brought her three gorgeous girls in before the school run.


Podcast: Think! Performance Psychology’s Jodii MaGuire speaks about a ‘content WA’


And it wouldn’t be a Friday Brekky without their Friday Song, however this version had a very heavy Imagine tone…that Kirste may have wanted removed at the end.

Podcast: Brekky’s Friday ‘Imagine’ Song


The mid-Morning show with Mike and Morro welcomed Mornings regular guest and gardening expert Colin Barlow of Gardens from Eden to giveaway a great garden pack and appeal to our green-thumb listeners.

Podcast: Gardens from Eden’s Colin Barlow on how gardening helps your health 


The Jazz Show’s Ash and Mike called intermission to show the behind-the-scenes happenings of a Radiothon.

From there, the day took a political turn — only in the guest appearance sense.

The Member for Southern River Peter Abetz was live in the 98five Studios for the first time.

Podcast: Member for Southern River Peter Abetz speaks about his love of the VW and the gift of family relationships (part 1)

Podcast: Member for Southern River Peter Abetz speaks about his love of the VW and the gift of family relationships (part 2)


WA State Director of Australian Christians Maryka Groenewald joined Mike on-air but also the madness behind-the-scenes as the extremely loud ‘Matching Hour Horn’ was dusted off and set off without any moment’s notice.

Podcast: WA State Director of Australian Christians Maryka Groenewald on why she entered politics and how important ‘communities and partnerships’ are


Because we love the hugs he gives around the Studio, 98five’s secret weapon “Bonza” John Callaghan — host of Sunday Night Country — was brought in to put the call out to his country and Men’s Shed listeners.


During this time, Brekky and Drive producers Corey and Mike were out on the road visiting Vic Park Christian School who were keeping icypoles frozen to sell and raise money around the playground but melting the hearts of everyone in the 98five Studio because they were raising the funds for us!


And because Drive host Jeziel‘s flu really kicked in overnight, Morro took the job opening opportunity to undertake a massive double shift on both ends of the day — to help bring the team home.

With just over two hours to go, the WA Premier Colin Barnett joined Morro and Mike to chat about WA projects and how a Christian, family station benefits the community.

Video: Andre from Forrestfield shared his reason for supporting 98five

At 6.45pm we reached our target! Thank you family for your incredible support this week and over the past 28 years. With your donations we can continue to broadcast a message of hope throughout our great city and state. 



Day 5 Radiothon—Imagine gallery 


All gifts $2 and above are tax deductible

Keep checking to watch the Perth city skyline tally fill up to our target of $135,000 and catch all of the in-Studio action on our live webcams, 6am to 6pm, Monday 21 November to Friday 25 November.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thanks to @westernaustralia Premier  @ColinBarnett for supporting our #daretoimagineWA Radiothon. #perth #radio

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Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Take a moment and imagine if these things permeated our community. Imagine what impact and changes would happen in the lives…

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