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A $100 fuel card is up for grab every week! Play "Fill it in to FIll it Up" on 98five's Brekky Show!

Chatty Cathys and Talkative Tims, gather around, it’s your time to shine. For your chance to win a $100 fuel card play Kirste and Dan’s new game Fill it in to Fill it Up! To play, make sure you’re the first one on the phone. Then, Kirste and Dan will give you a topic and you have to fill in 60 seconds with a discussion about that idea. You can give us facts, describe the topic with painstaking detail, tell us a personal story, whatever you can come up with, if it fills up 60 seconds, you’re in the draw! Bear in mind our official adjudicator (Producer Leon) will be taking notes on “uhms”, pauses and repeat sentences.

So, do you think you can impress us with your gift of the gab? We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got for us.

Kirste and Dan play Fill it In to Fill it Up every Wednesday morning, call 9313 0985 to play.

First ever game play

Last week the inaugural game of Fill it In to Fill it Up was played. Check out some of our first-ever contestants Elias and Avis. Elias was tasked with talking about “bananas” and he had us in stitches with his “alternative meaning”. Avis was cool as a cucumber with her topic “puppies”. She had us fawning over the story of her son’s litter. Check it out below.

All thanks to Runabout Metals.

Runabout Metals Logo

Runabout Metals give you cash on the spot for your scrap metal.

1x winner will be chosen each Wednesday from those who speak to Kirste and Dan and play Fill it In to Fill it Up, the winner will be chosen at The Breakfast Team’s discretion. Win a $100 Fuel Card voucher.


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