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Rom Ramsden on Brekky with Kirste & Morro for Dad Diaries.

Rob Ramsden is one of the countless local dads we’ve met that are just absolutely kicking goals in the fathering department. He is a dad to 3 and today Kirste & Morro asked him the question, when did you stop fighting your battles?

We all love our kids unconditionally and when they experience knocks and bruises on their journey through life, we want to wrap our arms around them a little bit more than we should. It’s such a fine line between stepping in and letting them learn.

It’s a pretty general stereotype, but men are usually problem solvers. When a problem arises we shift straight into solution mode. However, with my 18 year old daughter, I’ve had to learn that most of the time I just have to step back and listen. Most of the time it’s not my place to carry out a solution or even come up with one. You have to genuinely listen, ask a few questions, steer away from the emotions and personalities of the story and bring a bit of logic and fact to guide them to their own conclusion.

Life is going to continuously throw curve balls at them and if we do too much protecting while they’re still in our little bubble, once they leave that, they won’t be able to handle situations like landlords and employers and workmates. They’re not going to be geared up for that, so you have to shift from protector to coach.

Dad Diaries: Every Tuesday we chat to a local dad we know, that’s just doing an awesome job. We get an update on how their young ones and doing and some advice we could all use the help in the fathering department.

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