Free Coffee Friday at Woodlupine Primary!

Friday, December 4, 2015 11:08 am
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What a fantastic final Free Coffee Friday for the year with Kirste and Morro heading to Woodlupine Primary School in Forrestfield. 

Such a great community vibe was had with plenty of kids and their families rocking up nice and early to be a part of the broadcast as well as free coffee and donuts! Kirste and Morro were super excited about the awesome platter of the best ham, cheese and tomato toasties served up by the awesome Irene from the canteen — aptly named Woody’s Snack Shack. Mmm, delicious — almost as good as spuds (Kirste and Morro’s favourite food)!


Listen to the highlights here.

Principal Pete Flavel was a blast and incredibly proud of the school, its generous spirit for reaching out to others less fortunate and its supportive P&C community. He was also really pleased with the relationships continuing to develop between the school chaplain Chris Judd, the kids and families as well as the staff.


Christine from Drive was there playing all sorts of games with the kids and having a fantastic time. The choir includs a bunch of volunteers singing some cute novelty songs regularly to the assemblies to help them learn the words. They performed for us with gusto — have a listen!


It was a party atmosphere and a great way to finish off the school year. There goes the siren!




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