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Today the Free Coffee Friday team rolled out to visit the Largest Primary School in the state! It. was. amazing.
There were kids, parents, staff all over the place but as it’s a friendly community it was a really good buzz (no chaotic mayhem to be seen).

With over 1100 students there could be worries that some children may fall through the cracks, but every parent raved about the close-knit community that Aubin Grove Primary School is. Principal Frank shared about how important character and culture is to him in the recruitment process of his staff and he says the vibrant family feel is all due to that. It was evident in the way the students interacted with each other.

As you may know, we have a couple of community partners on the FCF team and with such a large cohort the students patiently waited as we rotated them through the Imagination Playground and the ball games so that everyone could have a go. As you can see in the photos below there was a large crowd around Kirste & Morro as they broadcast and interviewed their guests, but the group was always quiet and respectful during the on-air time and then cheering and praising when their friends and teachers came off air.

We also had the opportunity to chat to Chaplain Amberlie, being the only full time, 5 day a week chaplain in the state she knows she has her work cut out for her.

7 year old Daniel also blew us away with his geography knowledge! He recently starred on “Little Big Shots” and “Made us feel a little dumb” said Kirste. “But he was so adorable that that didn’t bother us at all”. Watch his Little Big Shot segment here.

Aubin Grove Primary School is a very special community and we love being able to get out of the office and see what’s really going on around Perth.

largest primary school in the state aubin grove
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