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Kids love to hear stories about mum and dad when they were a younger. But sometimes the innocent question about the past can lead to moments that your children will imitate.

This week on the Dad Diaries, Rob Ramsden from Collier Primary, continued the conversation that Nick Marvin and Rory Shiner started: sharing your past mistakes with your kids.

Rob shares that there are some things that parents need to be selective about, because he’s conscious of the notion, “you did this, so, so can I”.

Ultimately, Rob would rather his children make their own mistakes and learn from them, instead of being the carbon copy of his past self.

Of high importance though, is the sharing of consequences. Rob over time has learnt you must hold yourself to a set of values.

“My kids will make decisions based on circumstances, how they are feeling, and who they are with at the time. Whatever those decisions are, the consequences are the coming result of those decisions.”

It is all about sharing the consequences of the actions for Rob, not the story that lead to the consequence.

Listen to Rob Ramsden’s full conversation on Brekky with Kirste and Morro below:


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