Fatherhood favours Jordan Feliz’s songwriting

Thursday, November 3, 2016 2:57 pm
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Chela Williams | Music director

Californian native Jordan Feliz started his musical career fronting a heavy metal band before changing his tune to become a church worship leader.

With two hit singles The River and Never Too Far Gone both appearing at number one on the Billboard’s Christian charts, Jordan is following up his success with his third breakout release Best of Me.

Jordan Feliz admits fatherhood has been a fun new journey giving the artist’s song-writing process a burst of creativity. Credit: Centricity Press

Best of Me came out of a time of growth. My wife and I had just lost our first child and we came out of this season of being angry with the Lord,” Feliz said.

“Over that time, we realised that the one thing, the one person, that we were the most angry with was the solution to our problem. And when we would give Him those things, give Him our hurt and our pain, or whatever we are dealing with, whether it be good or bad — when you give those things to Him you find the best version of yourself. That’s where Best of Me comes from!”

Feliz co-wrote his second single Never Too Far Gone after becoming a father for the first time and admits fatherhood has completely changed his perspective on song-writing.

“Oh man! I feel like since having our daughter, song-writing has become more intentional for me,” Feliz explains.

“Whenever I’m writing a song, I’m thinking about the new perspective I have on the way God views us as His children. Because, when becoming a father, you’ve never felt that way about something before and now you have this whole new view of the way God views us and the way that we look at our kids.”

The hardworking artist has had a successful year wrapping up 2016 with three nominations for the Dove Awards, his first nominations ever.

“I feel like it’s more of a confirmation for where the Lord has me and the path He has me down.”

Best of Me is now being played on 98five.


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