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Fans are mourning the loss of Gogglebox star Di Kershaw, half of married couple Mick and Di. After a short battle with throat cancer she passed away at age 76. Di and her husband Mick, Indigenous art dealers from Sydney, have been part of the show since season one. The news was confirmed in a joint statement from Foxtel, Network 10 and Endemol Shine. “For the past eight years we were privileged to have her luminescent character make us chuckle with her sardonic wit, crackling laugh and her impeccable style on Gogglebox.”

An emu has been captured in West Virginia. Sightings reported on social media prove it had been wandering the neighbourhood for at least a week. Christy Braham said her husband was working on their roof when he saw the emu in their backyard. They called 911 and personnel arrived to capture the bird. While authorities try to locate the bird’s owner it has been placed in the care of a farm owner Earl Khorsrovi. He says the bird, who he has named Kevin, is very tame and probably once kept as a pet.

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