Family Highlight Reel and Caller of the Week!

Friday, July 30, 2021 3:48 pm
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We love hearing from the family! Check out this weeks Family Highlight Reel compiling all the best callers from Brekky. Then find out who is the Caller of the Week! caller of the week

We had a chat with future Olympian Izzy. She is only 11 years old but hopes to be on track for the Brisbane Games. She is a part of the canoe slalom WA team.”You’re in a boat and you have to go down rapids and go through gates with what they tell you.”

Sharlene shared her brave life change. She moved from South Africa to China with her husband. She then took marketing courses and later started her own business in Brisbane. “It’s a bit over 9 years living in Perth and I’ve decided it’s time for a change. Hopefully very soon I can announce where I’ll be working as a recruiter.

Andrea told us how she was mortified by her father when he picked her up from the disco. “He got out of the car and yells out my name. He was in his pajamas, dressing gown and slippers. I’ve never wanted to go home with an axe murderer so much!

Heather’s brother-in-law was also humiliated by his parents. When he was a teenager he embarrassed his mum in front of her friends. A few days later she dropped him off at school for a camp. As he was getting on the bus, she jumped out of the car with a pair of her husbands oldest undies “She waved them in the air and said sweetheart did you pack enough underwear.”

Who do you think will be the Caller of the Week. Text or message us on socials to then Listen to the full highlight reel below to find out!

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