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A video hit the web of a Hornet & Huntsman duelling to the death, in a local Perth park.Hornet and Huntsman Fight

Gavin, the Huntsman’s friend, joined Kirste and Dan to tell us more about what he saw that day. “We were down at the park, right….Then all of a sudden this hornet arrives and he’s like hey what are you looking at mate….Then all of a sudden BAM straight shot to the chest with the poison. Poor Harry dead as, mate.

The Hornet, Christopher Buzzworth shared his side of the story. “I was just down at the park with my 27 kids. This spider kept setting up webs to catch my offspring. I asked him nicely to stop but he said nah I’m not taking the web down. I stabbed him with my poison and took him back to the shed.

Mrs Huntswoman shared her grief. “You let your husband go out to have a bit of me time and this is what happens! The Federal Bug investigators will be involved!

Listen to the full chat below!

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