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Another amazing story of an everyday person making a difference was shared in our new Weekdays segment Everyday Impact.

Gary Hewitt, Founder of Awareness Cambodia told 98five this journey began in 1995. He took a trip to Cambodia, providing medical assistance to those along the Mekong River.

“There were so many events on that trip that changed me. When I came back I told Kim (Gary’s Wife)..we can’t not do something for these people. I can’t treat this like a TV show and go just click and turn the other channel.” – Gary

In 2000, Awareness Cambodia established its first project, Sunshine House. Children orphaned or abandoned due to HIV/AIDS could find safety, security and education. Orphans are an incredibly vulnerable population group within Cambodia; many are homeless and exploited.

Want to know more? Check out the whole conversation with Gary below and visit Awareness Cambodia.

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