The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband

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Event date: October 3, 2021
Event time: 5pm

Directed by Jane Sherwood for Much Productions, Debbie Isitt’s The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband is the story of Kenneth and Hilary who have been married nearly 20 years.

As middle age encroaches, Kenneth finds himself in the arms of another woman and, at first, his new lover Laura seems to represent everything missing from his life. But there’s just one little problem: she can’t cook.

Kenneth mourns the loss of Sunday roasts and the comforts of a settled life so, when Hilary invites Kenneth and Laura over for dinner, he readily accepts – unaware of what tasty treats Hilary has on the menu!

Tickets are $80 for the show plus share plates of antipasto, pane, insalata, pizza, pasta, risotto and sweets – book at

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Lucafe Italian Cafe
132 Stoneham Street TUART HILL 6060

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Much Productions

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