The Hoopla Sessions

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Event date: July 31, 2022
Event time: 5-9pm

Fairbridge Festival presents The Hoopla Sessions at Freo.Social – a series of three, monthly Sunday Sessions.
While Fairbridge Festival couldn’t bring you the full festival this year, they can bring you a magical slice of it!
Revel in new and upcoming bands, in refined and beautiful song craft, and dance to the energetic vibes of world, funk, jazz and soul. Also including some of the iconic installations from the site like the snazzy, neon Hoopla sign.
Bring your friends and families to recollect, rejoice and remember what it is that everyone loves about Fairbridge Festival.

Cost (if applicable):

Parry Street FREMANTLE 6160

Contact details:
Fairbridge Festival
[email protected]

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