The Defence of West Australia Hill During the Boer War

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Event date: September 19, 2021
Event time: 1.30pm

The Friends of ANZAC Cottage Inc’s ANZAC Afternoon on September 19, 2021 will feature some information and insight into a little known battle that took place 121 years ago.

During the Boer war (1899-1902) soldiers from the 1st West Australian Mounted Infantry (IWAM) were able to defend a small hill (kopje), located south east of Colesberg ,now called West Australia Hill, against a large Boer force for a whole day. This action took place on the 9th February 1900.

What lead to the day long defence, who the West Australian participants were, and how the defence continued throughout the day will be discussed as the result of archival and archaeological research carried out in 2019. Our guest speaker, John Adeney, has explored this topic extensively using archival and archaeological sources and will present his findings at the talk beginning at 2:30pm.

ANZAC Cottage at 38 Kalgoorlie Street, Mount Hawthorn will be open from 1:30 to 4:00pm and entry is by donation. Afternoon tea is available for a gold coin donation.

For more information, please email Anne [email protected] or call 0411 44 55 82.

The Friends of ANZAC Cottage acknowledge the support and encouragement of the National Trust of Western Australia. ANZAC Cottage is managed by the National Trust on behalf of the community and the Government of Western Australia.

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