The Attachment and Bonding Effect

Reading Time: < 1 minute
Event date: September 18, 2021
Event time: 9-12.30pm

Head along to hear Emma Wilkinson and Lyn Varty share the powerful ways our earliest bonding and attachment shapes our relationships and lives. Explain healthy and unhealthy bonding and attachment cycle. How does unhealthy bonding and attachment cycle relate to sin.

Symptoms such as: withdrawal from connections, distrust, resistance to receiving love, control issues, anger, anxiety, lack of sense of belonging, impulsivity, inability to show affection and inability to fully grasp emotions etc. maybe compromising your mental health and wellbeing and highlighting unhealthy attachment.

Cost (if applicable):

South Perth Baptist Church
2 Lawler Street SOUTH PERTH 6151

Contact details:
Lyn Varty
[email protected]

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