Street Chaplains in WA

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Event date: November 27, 2021
Event time: 7.50am

Head along to FCM’s breakfast with guest speaker Garth Eichhorn about Street Chaplains in WA. Garth is the founder of the mission, he will give an update to the development of Street Chaplains WA more than 5 years on.

Volunteers are drawn from all mainline churches and trained in vital community ministries such as First Aid and the care of the homeless. Today around 250 of them are on mostly monthly rosters to work in the entertainment precincts. They also run daytime patrols weekly and other specialised patrols providing care, conflict mediation, First Aid, and support to those affected by alcohol, abuse or homelessness. The story of the Good Samaritan underlies all they do and enables them chat about the Christian good news from time to time when it is appropriate to do so.

Cost (if applicable):

East Fremantle Yacht Club

Contact details:
Rod Bray

9339 3048

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