Sharks: Friend, Frenemy or Foe?

Reading Time: < 1 minute
Event date: December 4, 2021
Event time: 2pm

What is it about sharks that makes them one of the most fascinating animals on the planet? Head along and join Amanda Elizabeth, shark biologist, for a one-hour presentation on the biology of sharks to find out. Learn about how sharks reproduce, how they are adapted to their environment, the hunting strategies they have developed, their diversity, the different environments they inhabit, what scientists are finding out about these amazing animals and how humans are even benefiting from their existence.
Some of the other topics covered in the presentation include:

– Habitat
– Threats
– Roles of sharks
– Biomimicry
– Sharks of the world
– Diversity
– Prehistoric sharks
– Why sharks are important

Cost (if applicable):
From $12

WA Maritime Museum Fremantle
Victoria Quay, Peter Hughes Drive FREMANTLE 6160

Contact details:
Amanda Elizabeth
[email protected]
0420 320 970

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