Rome Show: A Day at the Colosseum

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Event date: January 10, 2020
Event time: 10.30, 11.45 and 2pm

Explore a ‘day in the life’ of the Colosseum; the ancient home of stadium entertainment and gladiator combat.

Step inside our own ‘Colosseum’ where an ‘archaeologist’ and ‘tour guide’ will be your hosts in this fun and entertaining show. Join in a ‘chariot race’ and have fun with the ‘gladiator game’!

Do you know much about ancient Rome? Have fun in our Fact or Fiction interactive game that will take you on a myth busting journey of ancient Rome. You will even get to hold your own ‘fact’ or ‘fiction’ paddle – let’s see if we can bust these myths together!

Cost (if applicable):
Free event. WA Maritime Museum entry fees apply.

WA Maritime Museum

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