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Event date: July 24, 2021
Event time: 9am

In our increasingly busy lives, finding time to nurture and strengthen our relationship is quite often a challenge. This day conference gives you the opportunity for you and your partner to take time out, reconnect, rejuvenate and invest in your relationship.

Our relationship day will cover: what men need to know about their wife, what women need to know about their husband, communication, managing conflict, strengthening your love and admiration for each other, forgiveness and reconciliation, being purposeful, planning and nurturing your relationship.
Whether you have been married two, 20 or 60 years it is good to review, reflect and rejuvenate your relationship. Become a master and not a disaster in your relationship.

What to expect: we will be using scripture and biblical principles in our presentation, it will be practical, reflective, interactive and sprinkled with a bit of fun, great food and venue.
Many people think that the secret to reconnecting with their partner is a candlelit dinner or by the sea vacation. The real secret is to turn toward each other in the little ways every day. John Gottman

Cost (if applicable):

South Perth Baptist Church
2 Lawler Street SOUTH PERTH 6151

Contact details:
Lyn Varty
[email protected]

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