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Event date: June 11, 2021
Event time: 9am


Reconciliation is interpersonal, results in love, peace and healing. It has no meaning or benefit if we forgive someone in our head or if it’s not interpersonal. It minimises Christ's ultimate sacrifice of reconciling us to our Heavenly Father, reconciliation is hard, painful and growthful.

Practical exercises will be incorporated in this training to help us take responsibility for our sinful behavior in the reconciliation process. Emma and Lyn will share these key points of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Contribution – Rebuke – Repentance – Reconciliation/Forgiveness – Repudiation (goodbye when necessary) – Restitution/Compensation – Healing/Maturity

Cost (if applicable):

South Perth Baptist Church
2 Lawler Street SOUTH PERTH 6151

Contact details:
Lyn Varty
[email protected]

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