Gather and Gain Bible Retreat

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Event date: July 23, 2021
Event time: 5pm

Uncertainty, social disconnection, and dis-information are the new normal. As brothers and sisters in Christ, Gather and Gain Bible Retreat is gathering to explore what it means to be men and women of God in these times, and to discern the truth of God’s Word to the believer.

Each Bible retreat they host, they invite their guests to join them on an adventure in Scripture, and experience what they like to call the ‘Berean’ approach of Acts 17:11.

Their Bible retreats offer guests to partake in some, or all the offerings such as, Bible teachings, prayer and reflection, Bible workshops, worship in song, beach walks, individual and group reading of God’s Word, campfire conversations, encouraging fellowship, great food and a whole lot more. The Bible retreats run from 5pm on Friday for check in, and finish at 3pm on Sunday (2 nights accommodation).
Cost is $200 / adult.

Go to to join the family, finding true fellowship. And you can download the brochure and share this good news.

Cost (if applicable):

162 Caves Road SIESTA PARK 6280

Contact details:
Mike Bezant
[email protected]
0476 275 713

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