Free Assertiveness & Setting Boundaries Workshop

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Event date: November 5, 2022
Event time: 9am - 11am

Do you often find yourself keeping quiet to keep the peace and avoid conflict, disagreement or being judged? Discover the insight and strategies to help you to build the confidence to say what needs to be said and be more honest with others. You are invited along to this free assertiveness and boundaries workshop, where you will find out what healthy boundaries are and how to communicate these when the need arises, realise your personal power to change the way you think about yourself as an empowered individual, as well as other strategies to overcome feeling powerless, pushed around, dominated, controlled or bullied.
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Cost (if applicable):

Subi Space
12/217 Hay Street SUBIACO 6008

Contact details:
Helen Kelder
[email protected]
0400 016 168

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