Creation Ministries International Event

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Event date: January 24, 2021
Event time: 7pm

Head along to have questions like…………….. Does God exist? How can anyone believe in religion when science has proved no God is necessary? Is evolution happening today? If there is a loving God, then why do we die? Answered. Creation Ministries International has answers to these and many other important questions. Come along and listen to Dr Tas Walker expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas. You'll be blown away to see how the supposed 'scientific evidence for evolution' is really nothing of the sort.

Hear the good news that the Biblical account of origins is not only historically accurate but makes better sense of the evidence. Dr Tas Walker will speak on the subject “We Are All One Human Family” with a Question and answer time afterward.

Free admission.

Cost (if applicable):

Nollamara Church of Christ
2 Apara Way NOLLAMARA 6061

Contact details:
[email protected]
9349 1355

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