Ben Elton’s Gasp!

Event date: 9 October 2021
Event time: 8pm

Take a breath of fresh air – Ben Elton’s Gasp! is coming to Limelight Theatre.

Directed by Phil Bedworth, it’s a modern re-working of Elton’s original 1990 play Gasping updated for an Australian audience.

Australian mining company Lockheart Industries is looking for the next big idea to make the company millions and starts producing “designer air” with its revolutionary Suck-and-Blow machine.

As a result, air becomes a commodity, like fuel or food, and can be bought and sold according to market forces.

Cost (if applicable):

Limelight Theatre
Civic Drive WANNEROO 6065

Contact details:
Limelight Theatre

0499 954 016 (9am – noon)