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Event date: August 7, 2021
Event time: 6.30pm

Walk in the footsteps of a young girl, Rasika who is unaware of her purpose, on a journey, unsure of the destination as she discovers the wonders of India with her grandfather, Nritin. The journey that Rasika takes throughout the production reflects the journey of her soul as a musician – “Antaryana” and how she discovers the inspiration for her music – ‘Art for the Love of it’.
This musical journey is staged by Australia-based arts and culture organisation Saraswati Mahavidhyalaya (SMV) with a cast that consists of 90 artists, including SMV students and professional musicians from Perth’s wider community.

The night will include new composition work that reflects a range of North and South Indian ragas and musical styles. The performance showcases 50 classical Indian vocalists (Carnatic and Hindustani), 25 percussion and instrumentalists using instruments such as – Veena, Violin, Sarod, Sitar, Tabla and more. Antaryana includes 15 actors and dancers, displaying the diverse dance styles of India. The cast adorned with colourful costumes and strategic lighting, projecting their transformation across the scenes.

During these unpredictable times, we hope to experience the wonders of India together with young Rasika and all that comes her way. Antaryana takes viewers on a cultural journey to places all over India, including Chennai ‘the gateway to South India’, Vrindavan, home to beloved Lord Krishna, Kanjipuram, a city steeped in ancient architecture and Rishikesh on the banks of mother Ganga at the foothills of the Himalayas. We hope that Antaryana can provide solace for people far away from their families and inspiration for those who have never explored the wonders India has to offer. Supported by the Consulate General of India (WA), this production is especially significant as India celebrates her 75th anniversary.

The production is brought to you by SMV and Annalaksmi on the Swan. SMV and Annalaksmi are well known for serving the Western Australian community with their much acclaimed and popular ‘Swan Festival of Lights -Celebrating Deepavali Together’, held on the Perth Foreshore since 2008. We aspire to continue serving humanity by sharing our love of the Arts to all.

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As your heart dictates

John Curtin College of the Arts
90 Ellen Street FREMANTLE 6160

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[email protected]

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