Afrikaans Carols event in Perth

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Event date: December 8, 2019
Event time: 7pm

Head along to the annual Afrikaans Carols event. It is part of a fundraiser initiative in support of the work of ‘Helping Hand, South Africa’s – Stop Hunger Project’ whose aim is to give school children from disadvantaged communities breakfast at school.

As part of the festivities Grace Reformed Church will be hosting a South African food fest before the Afrikaans Carols event, from 5.30pm onwards. Folks are welcome to come buy ‘Pancakes’ ‘Boerewors rolls’ Curry and rice’ and a variety of deserts and sweets. This is separate to the Carols event, so non Afrikaans speaking folk are welcome to come participate in the food fest.

Cost (if applicable):

ECU Joondalup
Auditorium – building 32

Contact details:
Pastor Joe Vermeulen

0438 821 995

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